The Aforementioned Apps.

  • Watermarker

    Leave Your Mark.

  • Thumbtack

    Pinboard Meets Simplicity.

  • BeerTab

    Keep Tabs on Your Favorite Beers.


Watermarker is a professional tool for branding images with a wide variety of watermark types. Whether you are interested in promoting your brand or business logo on website images, or just simply trying to restrict unauthorized use of your photos, Watermarker is the app to use.

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Thumbtack is a menu bar utility that provides quick and easy access to all of the bookmarks in your Pinboard account. You can easily save, search and share any of your bookmarks.

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BeerTab is a brand-new app designed for beer enthusiasts to keep tabs on the beers they have tried. It has an intuitive rating system based on Taste, Appearance, and Aroma to get just the right score. BeerTab even goes beyond rating beers with it's ability to share your beer findings by creating individual websites for the beers you choose to share with friends and family.

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